Urgent Care Association

The Challenge

UCAOA is recognized as the largest, most notable trade and professional association in urgent care.  Through its education, networking, expertise, tools and resources, UCAOA can properly teach startup urgent care centers grow and succeed.

Within the last 5 years, the urgent care industry has exploded and is fueled by consumer demands for more convenient, affordable and high-quality care options. Urgent care is no longer a place, rather it is care administered when a patient wants it. At the same time, the market is becoming very competitive with more options coming to the market each day, including retail clinics, convenient care, telemedicine, e-visits, and more. It is not perceived that UCAOA serves beyond the traditional “urgent care” market.


  • Expand reach of UCAOA and create preference of the organization and its providers among consumers and payers
  • Promote benefits and opportunities that UCAOA offers and to help drive volume to conferences and events
Using research and information from key stakeholders, Springboard shortened the name to “UCA” with tagline “Your gateway to better,” and a corresponding identity that reflects the market of on-demand medicine.

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