Funeral and Memorial Information Council

“Have the Talk of a Lifetime” Death Care and

Memorialization Consumer Facing Brand Campaign


The Challenge

The Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC) is an “association of associations” representing all aspects of the funeral industry, from funeral homes and cremation societies to monument builders and casket makers. While historically a “need” vs. “want” industry, major economic and cultural trends have forced FAMIC members to re-think how they do business in order to remain financially and socially viable entities.

The interaction of today’s consumer with funeral industry professionals has changed dramatically. No longer the “automatic” first point of contact at the time of death, the funeral director and other FAMIC members are often brought in just for disposition of the body and “routine” services/procedures. Instead, consumers are turning to the internet for options and/or looking for guidance from third-party influencers, including clergy, hospice staff, and hospital/long-term care facility¬†personnel. Faced with increasing financial pressure, consumers are also choosing less-expensive after-death options, avoiding costly and often impersonal visitations, funeral services and “memorialization.”

This provides a marketing opportunity for this industry, including:

  • The need to discuss memorialization prior to death is key
  • The “conversation” message is absent in the marketplace
  • No one is better prepared or more knowledgeable than a FAMIC member to guide consumers through the memorialization process



  • Raise awareness of the value of memorialization and the notion that “I Mattered”
  • Encourage consumers to start the conversation about memorialization with loved ones
  • Educate consumers about FAMIC members’ unique knowledge and expertise in the industry
  • Help change public perception, attitudes and behavior toward funerals and memorialization

Have the Talk of a Lifetime, Co-Brandable Consumer Facing Brochure

Co-Brandable – Brochure

Co-brandable brochure for funeral professionals to distribute, and is also available for download from banner ads and the Have the Talk of a Lifetime website.

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