Medical associations support their members through educational opportunities, networking forums, mentoring programs, public awareness activities, leadership activities and advocacy efforts, among others. But, how do they determine your successfulness?

  • Membership growth?
  • Member retention?
  • Seminar attendance?
  • Member engagement?
  • Member satisfaction?
  • Revenue?
  • Visitors to websites?
  • Facebook likes?
  • Patient interactions?
  • Advocacy wins?

Namely, the answer is, all of the above and more. So how do you measure your success? For example, Medical Associations it begins and ends with the members.

Membership Growth

Membership growth is a hot topic. Most, if not all, associations strive for membership growth.  More importantly, members = more revenue = successful association, right?

So how do you market to and attract new members? To illustrate, start with your existing membership, and how well they know your brand, what you stand for, and your perceived value to them as medical professionals.

Therefore, understanding your most dedicated membership can help you learn more about how to deepen their relationship with your association. Determining your brand values and promise is the first step into finding new ways to communicate with your members and potential members.

Medical Association Branding

In brief, Springboard has worked with multiple medical association branding clients to help develop their value propositions and programs to meet member needs. Specifically, member marketing toolkits, eNewsletters, landing pages and microsites, testimonial videos, marketing videos, among others, are all within your reach. In a word, starting with member needs is that first step.

Many member businesses do not have the resources to develop marketing materials on their own, so providing templated marketing materials to your members can help improve their volumes, and will demonstrate a real value in their membership, resulting in greater member satisfaction, retention and recruitment.

Finally, this is just one example of how Springboard can help your medical association branding –

  1. Learn what your members, and potential members value and need.
  2. Develop a program to communicate that value and address member needs.
  3. Implement that program.
  4. Measure the results.

Contact us at Springboard to learn more about medical association branding and how we can help your association succeed!

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