Today, there are over 3 billion worldwide social media users.  And almost 9 out of 10 companies in the United States are using social media for their marketing.  Social media is no longer a place for friends and family to stay in touch or to connect with others.  It’s where people can stay up-to-date with news and current events.

Specifically, in the healthcare industry, social media marketing plays a large role.  It can help providers engage with patients, connect with other healthcare providers and companies, and create awareness to the public of relevant and timely information in the industry.

Engage with Patients via Social Media Marketing

According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, 74% of internet users engage on social media.  About 80% of those internet users specifically look for health-related information, and nearly half are searching for information about a specific doctor or health professional.

Patients want the most reliable information possible when searching for information about their health.  Because of a doctor’s knowledge and expertise, about 60% of users say they trust a doctor’s post over a company’s post.

Connect with Other Healthcare Providers and Companies

Social media connects doctors and physicians to other companies and keeps them up-to-date on the latest medical developments, technology, minimally invasive treatments and more.  About 88% of physicians use social media to research pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical devices.

Create Awareness to the Public

About 32% of internet users post about their friends and family’s health experiences on social media.  When it comes to health-decision making, people gravitate towards providers who have treated related or experienced similar situations.  Patients care about other patients and they want to provide the best information that may be useful for others and their loved ones.

In addition, patients and caregivers are always seeking out specific providers for a condition or second opinions about their health.  Information on social media can have a direct influence on their decisions. It can provide them potential alternatives to treatments they otherwise wouldn’t know about.

If you need help with your social media marketing, contact Springboard today.  We can create a strategic plan that will benefit you, your patients, and your practice or hospital.

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