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At Springboard, our brand strategy work with leading providers enables us to understand the vision, strategic goals and motivators of hospital and health system executives. Therefore, we have been able to translate this understanding into effective communication strategies for our B2B healthcare marketing clients who need to reach various decision-makers within the provider space.

We employ B2B marketing strategies for our clients who sell medical devices, equipment and healthcare services to health systems, hospitals and physician practices. We work closely with business development teams to provide them with the tools they need to target specific audiences, such as C-suite decision-makers, physicians and other referral sources. Finally, we put a heartbeat into messaging to create a dialogue with customers that too often are bombarded with chest beat claims that don’t stick.

Below you will find our B2B healthcare clients that showcase work we’ve done for healthcare corporations, networks and associations.

RestorixHealth (Tarrytown, NY)

Thought Leadership

RestorixHealth is a “private-label” wound care management company who competes with a category leader that controls over 60% of the market. Based on competitive and industry research, we positioned RestorixHealth as the better option because of its customized solutions and flexibility in partnerships. Our messaging goal was to promote differentiation and benefits to key target groups.

RestorixHealth’s business development team promotes the custom solutions and medical expertise they offer. Hence, this B2B healthcare marketing communications campaign used direct mail pieces, attached to emails and promoted on various social media channels.

Restorix HealthExecutive Summary

Amputation Prevention Centers of America White Paper Restorix Health Brochure


RestorixHealth B2B Healthcare Marketing Campaign

This upcoming campaign promotes what the various hospital C-suite executives want more of, which is (growth, competitive advantage, control) and less of (financial risk). The goal of this campaign is to get the business development team more opportunities.  Executed through print and digital placement in trade publications, e-newsletters and direct mail.

B2B Print Ads
These ads appear in various trade magazines targeted towards the C-suite.

Restorix HealthRestorix HealthRestorix Health

B2B Direct Mailer – Mailers were sent out to hospital and healthcare system C-suites.

Restorix Health

Populytics (Allentown, PA)

Naming and Identity Development

Spectrum Administrators was the name of this full-service third-party administrator (TPA). Where as, the addition of population health management technologies and services created a significant change in its marketing position – requiring a new name.

Springboard was asked to help the organization develop a new, more descriptive name, identity and tagline. This more effectively presents the company in its new capacity to its key audiences.

With an understanding of the long-term vision of the leadership team, combined with key findings from research conducted with current/potential customers, Springboard developed a name that reflects the new company’s focus on population health, through analytics – Populytics.


Populytics  Company Brochure – The Populytics company brochure features the new name and identity. This piece highlights service capabilities and outlines employer/employee benefits.



Insight Medical Genetics (Chicago, IL)

Practice Support Materials

Insight Medical Genetics is a comprehensive genetic testing practice providing personalized counseling and guidance for patients and referring providers. They offer the expertise of a medical center, with the personal touch of a private practice. Insight Medical Genetics provides up-to-date, leading edge testing for genetic conditions with a professionally recognized standard of care.

The following tools were designed to support the business development team’s efforts. They were used to raise awareness for their services and secure the appointment with a potential referral partner. These B2B healthcare marketing communications targeted both primary care physicians and their practice staff.


Insight Medical Genetics

Sales Collateral  – Springboard redesigned Insight Medical Genetics’ current patient education brochures to align with the new brand.

Insight Medical Genetics

Physician’s Toolkit – These are provided to physicians so they can educate their patients on preconception, prenatal testing and genetic carrier screenings at Insight Medical Genetics


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