You know the importance of having a social media presence. Staying relevant and continuing to show how your organization interacts in its community plays a large role in this digital era. Social media marketing for healthcare and hospital brands is at an all-time high, almost every system has a presence. But once you build your audience, what do you do with it? There are many opportunities, and one way to utilize it is for healthcare market research. Leaning on your owned audience for their opinions is just one way to benefit from engaging your followers.

Conducting Healthcare Market Research

Whether you want consumer opinions though an online survey, or you want to recruit them for a focus group, once you have built up an owned audience, you can reach to them for information on many topics related to your healthcare brand. Online surveys are a cost-effective way to get information from those involved with your brand. Your social network is already familiar with you and your brand.  Therefore, they are more knowledgeable on what your brand offers and more willing to provide insight. Whether your hospital or healthcare brand is looking to capture market research or measure customer satisfaction, you can start with the followers on each of your social media channels.

Once you develop a good list of questions, you can create a visually engaging social media post.  This will help ensure your post gets clicked on and drives consumers to your questionnaire. Springboard has been using these tactics and finding a high click-thru rate.  In addition, we also see a high completion rate from our followers vs. non-followers. In addition, focus group recruiting can also be handled in this new age, innovative fashion.

If your brand is seeking to measure satisfaction or conduct healthcare market research, look to utilize your social media audience first. Developing the right questions and the most compelling creative visual is a solid way to recruit participants in your market research study at a fraction of the cost.

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