Five Important Reasons Why Health Systems are

Important to the Community


At a recent conference, I heard much chatter about whether it really matters if a health system becomes a brand. And, if it does, what are some new messages and promises it can state that are actually of interest to the community.

Here are five ideas that health systems can consider for their brand based on research, community attitudes and needs, leadership vision and cultural relevance.

Yes, health systems should continue to brand and always seek a position that is new and interesting!

Access to Services

First and foremost, a health system ensures that people have access to healthcare services. Without a well-functioning health system, people may have to travel long distances to receive medical care. This can be a significant barrier to accessing care, especially for those who live in rural areas. A strong health system ensures that people have access to a range of services, including primary care, emergency care, and specialist care.

Promoting Health

Secondly, a health system plays a critical role in preventing diseases and promoting good health. This is achieved through various activities such as vaccination programs, health education campaigns, and regular health check-ups. These activities help to prevent diseases from spreading and promote healthy behaviors in the community. For example, a health system may run campaigns to promote healthy eating and physical activity, which can help to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Disparities within Community

Thirdly, a health system helps to address health disparities within the community. Some members of the community may face barriers to accessing healthcare services, such as language barriers or financial constraints. A health system that is designed to address these barriers can help to reduce health disparities and ensure that everyone has access to the care they need.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Fourthly, a strong health system can help to reduce healthcare costs. When people have access to high-quality healthcare services, they are less likely to develop complications from untreated illnesses. This can help to reduce the overall cost of healthcare by preventing the need for expensive treatments and hospitalizations.

Local Economy

Finally, a health systems reason to brand can help to strengthen the local economy. When people are healthy, they are more productive and able to participate fully in the workforce. This can help to boost the local economy by increasing the number of people who are working and contributing to the community.

In conclusion, health systems are crucial for the wellbeing of local communities. They ensure that people have access to high-quality healthcare services, prevent diseases, address health disparities, reduce healthcare costs, and strengthen the local economy. It is important for policymakers to invest in health systems and ensure that they are well-functioning and accessible to everyone in the community.

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