Springboard appreciates the opportunity to help GYANT tell its story to health system, payer and other C-suite audiences. We are enthused about the potential of your AI solutions as they apply to the early adopter health systems, etc. who are leading the transformation of healthcare and innovation. 

We understand that GYANT is a start-up and have taken a more collaborative approach with our proposal to provide you with professional-grade branding and marketing deliverables at cost levels that should be manageable. That said, we realize that flexibility may be needed, please understand that the timing and costs provided are for discussion purposes and we are open to being creative.

Please browse samples of our work with other B2B companies below, check out a recent blog on targeting the C-suite and review our proposal. We look forward to the possibilities of working together to help GYANT achieve its business goals.


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RestorixHealth is a “private-label” wound care management company that competes with a category leader who controls over 60% of the market. Based on competitive and industry need research, we positioned RestorixHealth as the better option because of its customized solutions and flexibility in partnerships. Our messaging goal was to promote differentiation and benefits to key target groups.

RestorixHealth’s business development team promoted the custom solutions they offer (as opposed to the market leader’s cookie-cutter approach) and their medical expertise. These communications have been used as direct mail pieces, attached to emails and promoted on various social media channels.

White Paper
White Paper

B2B Direct Marketing Campaign

This upcoming campaign promotes what the various hospital C-suite executives want more of (growth, competitive advantage, control) and less of (financial risk). The goal of this campaign is to get the business development team more opportunities, it will be executed through print and digital placement in trade publications and e-newsletters and through direct mail.


Spectrum Administrators was the name of this full-service third-party administrator (TPA). The addition of population health management technologies and services created a significant change in its marketing position – requiring a new name. Springboard was asked to help the organization develop a new, more descriptive name, identity and tagline to more effectively present the company in its new capacity to its key audiences. With an understanding of the long-term vision of the leadership team, combined with key findings from research conducted with current/potential customers, Springboard developed a name that reflects the new company’s focus on population health, through analytics – Populytics.



Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA)

The Illinois Health and Hospital Association is dedicated to advocating for Illinois’ more than 200 hospitals and nearly 50 health systems as they serve their patients and communities throughout the state. In addition to advocacy, IHA provides resources, education and support to its members.

Annual Report


American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM)

The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) consists of 3600+ members and provides a forum to foster professional relationships among sports medicine physicians to advance the discipline of sports medicine through education, research, advocacy and excellence in patient care. Springboard conducted market research of AMSSM members, the public, primary care providers, other health professionals, payers, coaches and administrators to develop a strategy to help AMSSM and its members better define who they are, what makes them unique, and strategies to help everyone better understand the value they add to the patient and healthcare system.

Beyond Payroll

Beyond Payroll provides a software solution that enables the leadership of Long-Term Care facilities to make smarter decisions that create great work experiences for their employees and hit their business objectives. Springboard has been engaged to position them in the marketplace and develop a value proposition that resonates with their key C-suite audiences. Part of this work involved developing personas for their target audiences – identifying the goals, motivations, pain points, promise and key messaging to each decision maker.

The next phase of this engagement is creative development – stay tuned.
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