In this evolving, technology-driven world we live in, phone books and directories are a thing of the past.  When it comes to finding the best restaurant, electronic store, bowling alley or even hospital, you must exist online.

However, having just a website alone won’t do much good if no one can find you on the web.  In today’s competitive market, you need to have an effective website that is paired with search engine optimization, or SEO, to help visitors find your site.

In short, SEO helps search engines, like Google, figure out what your website is about and how it may be useful for visitors. The best practices of SEO will ultimately improve user experience and ensure visibility on search engines.

In addition, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential because:

  • A vast majority of users are more likely to click on websites that are listed on the first page of search engine results. Your website is more likely to get visited if  you are ranked high on the first page for multiple keywords, .  This also creates more exposure to your business and brand.
  • Search engines typically list websites that are secure and safe first. This provides a sense of business credibility.
  • SEO helps make your website easier to navigate for users. It consists of rearranging your site’s architecture to make pages within the website easier to find. This is also helpful for search engines to crawl your website to find relevant information about what you offer.

Type in a keyword or phrase that best represents your business on any major search engine; whether it’s “Great Italian Restaurant in Chicago,” “Affordable Hotel in Los Angeles,” or “Best Hospital Near Me.”  Do you see your company’s website on the first page? If not, you don’t need to think twice about why SEO may be beneficial for you.  The faster you start SEO, the faster you will be ranked at the top of search engines, and the faster you will attract new customers to your business.

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