The phrase “win-win” is engrain in our vocabulary. It is to the point where business books call it one of the most overused statements of the last decade. Obviously, the meaning implies there is a mutual benefit to two parties who take part in a common activity or situation. The opposite side of that equation is the “lose-lose,” reflecting an individual or organization that chooses not to engage in a strategy that has limited risk and high potential return. Basically, is your hospital branding digital healthcare marketing a “lose-lose” or a “win-win” proposition.

Such is the case with digital marketing. There are still many healthcare organizations that are merely skimming the surface. They are not committing more of their budgets to paid digital media. They are engaged in social, SEO, and other forms of owned media, but not shifting their budgets in favor of digital spend versus traditional media. To borrow another phrase in the business vernacular, digital media is a “no brainer.”

Think about the benefits, you can:

  • Precisely target by geography and demographics to reach your desired audience.
  • Generate valuable impressions for awareness and preference building just by serving on-line ads.
  • Drive click-through rates to landing pages and portals – and measure it every click of the way.
  • And, in some instances, serve ads that unless they are clicked on, you don’t pay.

The list goes on. Add to it the opportunity to test creative via A/B messaging at a fraction of the price of traditional focus groups. Consumers will actually vote with their “check book” and click on those messages that motivate them versus just saying what they might do.

If you play follow the leaderyou’ll be interested to know that the Cleveland Clinic now puts 75% of its media spend in digital! According to CMO, Paul Matsen, this is significantly up from just a few years ago.  When digital was at the bottom of the overall media budget. Interestingly, he also shared that 64% of the Clinic’s web visits comes through mobile devices. And, the majority of new patients come through digital. It makes perfect sense that digital is now at the top of the media heap.

The reluctance on the part of healthcare marketers to limit their exposure and spend in digital media is a “lose-lose.” You lose visibility, flexibility, and cost efficiencies that can really help your organization win.

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