You probably already have ads out there targeting specific populations based on demographics to promote awareness of your hospital and attract new patients.  Now, let’s take it to the next level and apply that marketing strategy with location.  What if you could target your competitors’ patients and feed them ads about the benefits of switching to healthcare providers or services at your hospital?  Sounds cool, right?

Picture this.  A patient is sitting in the ER waiting room at a nearby hospital, anticipating his turn to be seen.  To pass the time, he plays games on his smartphone, looks at his social media feeds, and browses various websites.  An ad pops up promoting your hospital, specifically the short wait times in the E.R.  The patient doesn’t have to think twice about what he should do.  He packs up and makes the trip across town to your hospital for that faster service.

Geo-Conquesting in Healthcare

Location-based mobile advertising, called geo-conquesting, allows you to specifically target potential patients who are physically located at your competitor’s location.  On average, smartphone users are on their phones more than 150 times a day – making it an easy way to also reach consumers who are interested in the services you offer.

In addition, with geo-conquesting, you set a virtual perimeter around competitor hospitals, clinics or health centers.  This allows you to target ads to smartphone users who enter within the set perimeter.  Remember, you need to give patients a valid reason to leave your competitor.  Whether you are promoting exercise classes, parenting education courses, webinars or simply wanting to increase volume with new patients, geo-conquesting can help reach people who are already in a healthcare setting. In addition, through this type of advertising, you inform patients that there is an alternative to healthcare services, besides at the facility that they just entered.

Enhance your advertising by targeting new patients with geo-conquesting.  They already have a need for healthcare services based on their physical location. Take it a step further with regular digital advertising and discover how geo-conquesting can help your hospital grow.

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