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Capabilities Overview – Blockchain-Based Ecosystem (Aetna, Anthem, HCSC, PNC, IBM)


Since 2002, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy has worked with leading healthcare organizations in all channels related to brand strategy, implementation, and transformation. Our approach carefully balances the internal vision for the Ecosystem brand with the existing perceptions and expectations of the external marketplace to tell a story that is believable, elevating, and most important, relevant to customer needs. Brand positioning is key to this direction as it captures the unique qualities of your vision, organizational strengths, partner equity, and product/service deliverables to differentiate the new entity from both direct (others in the category) and indirect (others who can be a substitute) competitors. Importantly, it also reflects the needs and expectations of targeted customers to make this new super Ecosystem relevant to their long-term and day-to-day operations. Once the position is determined, the strategy of branding goes into effect.

This includes any naming, identity, standards, key words, personality, “looks/feels,” and other elements that best communicate the brand, position, promise and operational performance of the Ecosystem.


Since the vision of the organization is so instrumental in developing your brand strategy, especially with the collection of premier partners you’ve assembled, we start at the top and talk one-on-one with key members of the participating leadership teams. Here we learn expectations, concerns, growth goals, and other factors impacting the desired direction of the brand. For this initiative, we would foresee high-level roundtable meetings as well with marketing and operational representatives to gain perspective on the target(s) for this initiative, perceived value proposition, operational insights and other influences that will impact brand development and identity creation/management. Any research, preliminary naming/identity considerations, and planning documents will also be reviewed to provide valuable input on discussions regarding growth and direction.

With the above, desired project timing, and of level of leadership participation, we bring the following into the process:

  • Interviews with current/targeted customers
  • Branding Workshop with representatives from the Ecosystem to discuss findings from interviews, studies, and other inputs – Springboard’s BrandStepping Model is used in these workshops to help align brand expectations and key goals over an 18-month period
  • Competitive assessment/positioning audit
  • Online studies with prospective customers
  • Insight interviews (phone) with hospital/health system customers to gauge reactions to broad-based concepts, etc.


Springboard has been involved in developing numerous award-winning name/identity solutions, internal communications programs, and brand management tools and techniques. These include programs for leading healthcare hospitals, systems, population management companies, B2B brands, and other products/services within the healthcare space.

Representative clients in these categories include:

  • Jefferson Health – Philadelphia
  • Highmark Insurance – Pittsburgh
  • Lehigh Valley Health Network – Allentown, PA
  • Illinois Hospital Association – Chicago
  • Urgent Care Association of America – Chicago
  • Populytics – Allentown, PA
  • Holy Cross Health – Silver Spring, MD
  • Restorix Wound Management – Tarrytown, NY
  • International Association of Central Service Management – Chicago
  • American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Physicians

We have included samples of materials and internal communications programs below. We look forward to learning more about this opportunity and having the chance to meet with you in person to identify the most effective approach in helping your collaborative Ecosystem best position, brand, and identify in the healthcare industry.


Rob Rosenberg – President, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy
Phone: 847.398.4920
LinkedIn: Rob Rosenberg
Twitter: @RobRosenberg

Member, Society for Healthcare Marketing and Development
Member, Forum for Healthcare Strategists
Inductee, 2019 Hospital Marketing National Hall of Fame

Case Studies

Lehigh Valley Health Network

Springboard was hired to preform a comprehensive brand engagement to help Lehigh Valley Health Network strengthen their brand. Like many healthcare organizations, theirs was a “house of brands,” creating what they called “logo soup.”

To remedy this, Springboard identified Lehigh Valley Health Network’s unique market position, brand promise and pursued a master brand strategy. This resulted in a new name for the organization, a new logo and a powerful new tagline: A Passion for Better Medicine.



The original “House of Brands”  – before the name change to Lehigh Valley Health Network
New Master Brand –  using one established visual look throughout the network



Additional Branding Work


Graphic Standards Manual
Brand Book
Brand Matrix



Thomas Jefferson University, Jefferson University Hospitals, and other organizational entities created a combined entity to more effectively position the total enterprise for the future. However, when combining, a new brand position and identity were required to unite the entities. Springboard was engaged to determine the most effective positioning and identity strategy for this new brand. Springboard created an updated and modified logo based on the new brand position, which maintains the Jefferson “bust” in a contemporary manner.

Move from a “House of Brands” 
To A Branded House (Master Brand)



Additional Branding Work


Helicopter on Hospital Helipad
Brand Book
Brand Graphic Standards

Holy Cross Health

Holy Cross Health is a Catholic, not-for-profit healthcare system known for quality and its commitment to the communities it serves. They expanded from a single hospital in Silver Spring, MD, into a system of hospitals and health services in locations throughout the community in order to increase access and enhance the patient experience.

Internal Engagement

The new theme and brand message was first launched to employees and internal stakeholders to educate and inspire them around the importance of the work they do each day. The new brand was introduced by the CEO online and through a number of town hall meetings. To engage employees around this theme, Springboard created a series of testimonials featuring employees explaining how they move life ahead.

Dr. Coots, CEO Video Script Screen Savers
Pull-Up Banners
Time Clock Posters



External Engagement

The brand theme was then launched to consumers. It promotes the breadth of the Holy Cross Health services to position them as better able to help people achieve more, through their continuum of care and innovative programs and services. Ultimately enhancing the reputation of Holy Cross Health and building trust that they have the knowledge and resources to help consumers.

Brand Video
Springboard produced the following introductory brand video, it lives on Holy Cross Health’s home page and was served to the market through a series of digital and social media ads.



Mass Media

The following tactics were implemented to build overall brand awareness for Holy Cross Health.

Print Ad
Bus Wraps Radio Ad



Targeted Media

The following tactics were used to get the Moving Life Ahead message in front of people who are most likely interested in Holy Cross Health’s services and programs.

Zoned Cable TV

Interactive Display Ads




Spectrum Administrators was the name of this full-service third-party administrator (TPA). The addition of population health management technologies and services created a significant change in its marketing position – requiring a new name. Springboard was asked to help the organization develop a new, more descriptive name, identity and tagline to more effectively present the company in its new capacity to its key audiences. With an understanding of the long-term vision of the leadership team, combined with key findings from research conducted with current/potential customers, Springboard developed a name that reflects the new company’s focus on population health, through analytics – Populytics.




Additional Branding Work


Healthcare Business Systems
Company Brochure
Pull-Up Banner

HM Insurance


Print Ads



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