The healthcare landscape is increasingly specialized, competitive, and confusing for both healthcare professionals and consumers. And providers are facing more challenges than ever when it comes to establishing and communicating their “brand.” The good news is – medical societies can deliver tremendous value by investing in their members’ brand.

The solution starts with determining the branding strategy that brings the most value to its members – based on your organizational goals and/or Board direction. For example, if your Board, member satisfaction survey, or anecdotal member feedback reveals any of the following – member branding can help:

  • “No one knows what we do.”
  • “The perceptions about what we do are wrong.”
  • “Specialty X is taking patients we should treat.”

If you’re a medical society wondering how to show your members that you’re delivering value – brand them!

In our work with medical societies that have invested in branding their members, the process reveals the following:

  1. Defining the frame of reference for members based on where they want to be in the minds of their key audiences.
  2. Differentiating members from other providers in their space based on quality, relevance, approach, etc.
  3. Elevating physicians/specialists in the healthcare landscape in terms of revenue contribution and outcomes for their practice or health system.
  4. Developing a brand, messaging, and creative that enhances member preference to referral sources and patients.

The following is an example of how Springboard partnered with a medical society to create a brand that defined, differentiated, elevated and made its members more relevant.

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine

AMSSM came to Springboard seeking a partner to help them “brand” their members – physicians who are board-certified in primary care and non-surgical sports medicine – to enhance their status and preference in the healthcare landscape.

Our work together delivered the following:

  • A standardized naming convention/reference for AMSSM members
  • An updated identity, brand architecture, and graphic standards
  • New creative design template, theme, and tagline
  • Messaging platforms targeting referral sources and consumers

The result – a new brand position and definition:  Physicians for active people and athletes

AMSSM Rebrand

AMSSM placed the creative assets into a “branding toolkit” on their website that members use in their own practices and have reported positive results.

Learn more about Springboard’s branding work for medical societies and their members. This includes how we gained adoption and usage of the branding tools developed.  Click here to visit our medical association work or email me at to learn more.

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