Subsequently, one of the benefits of working closely with a Hospital C-suite on branding initiatives is developing a deep understanding of their goals, motivators and pain points. Here are some of the techniques (strategic and tactical) that we’ve employed on behalf of healthcare B2B clients to reach this audience:

1. Focus on their business goals

Truly understand that the end goal for hospital C-suite leaders is improving revenue, quality and safety.  And these all impact patient satisfaction and reimbursement. This audience is also focused on competitive advantages, growth through strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, sustainable cost control and reducing risk. Most importantly, your messaging must speak to their goals, not your features and functions, to get their attention.

2. Develop Hospital C-Suite personas

Secondly, understand who these decision makers are, and develop personas that outline their individual goals, motivators and pain points, relative to your product or service. Having this deep understanding will help craft the right messages.

3. Your value proposition must resonate

Furthermore, by using the information gathered in the personas might create a unique promise or value proposition for each member of your target audience. Understand what will resonate with them, based on their motivators and pain points, and put that to work in your communication and messaging strategies.

4. Tell them something they don’t know

Namely, tell how can your thought leadership can enlighten and help the C-suite. Not only by them making smarter decisions, but by achieving their business goals.  For example, do you have proprietary research, a relevant blog, white papers or webinar series they can follow? Develop a goal-based content strategy to get their attention and demonstrate value for your insights.

5. Meet them where they are going, literally

While we’ve found traditional marketing tactics, like email and direct mail can still be effective, this audience values personal interactions. Develop opportunities to engage with them face-to-face. Event marketing can be a great opportunity to present, exhibit and even take small groups to dinner. Get creative to get in front of the hospital C-suite at conferences and other events they attend.

6. Make an Hospital C-Suite influencer the hero

Accordingly, sometimes the hospital C-suite decision maker is simply unreachable. Therefore, you might have to include a service line director, head of population health or another administrator to get them engaged and excited about this opportunity. Aim them with the ammunition they’ll need and enlist this influencer to gain approval for your solution. This kind of “pull-through” can be an effective “sell-in” strategy.


Finally, getting the attention and having meaningful conversations with C-suite leaders is difficult. and you may only have one shot.  Therefore, you need know your audience, understand how your product or service will help them achieve a business goal, and do your strategic homework,. As well as, put on your consultant and C-suite hats, and get creative when it comes to personal engagement.

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