Hospital Branding: 7 Deadly Words of Healthcare Marketing

From Paul Szablowski and Rob Rosenberg’s recent presentation at Forum for Healthcare Strategists. Being descriptive in healthcare marketing can be a challenge when you stop using these seven words that no longer have the power to distinguish your organization or its services from those of your competitors. In the early 1970s, stand-up comedian George Carlin delivered what would become the bit he was best known for, “The Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television.” Google it and you’ll be treated to a filthy and hilarious not-safe-for-work rant. Hoping that a portion of that phrase stands the test of time, Paul Szablowski, vice president of public relations, marketing, and communications for Dignity Health, and Rob Rosenberg, president and brand strategy director for Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy, have developed their own list of words to avoid in healthcare marketing. Take 66% OFF the Patient Experience Collection package includes HealthLeaders Intelligence Report, book, Rounds, and webcasts on patient satisfaction, HCAHPS and more. This “seven deadlies” list was part of their presentation on brand building with internal communications at the 18th National Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit in Arizona held in early May by the Forum for Healthcare Strategists. According Szablowski and Rosenberg, healthcare marketers should avoid using the following words in marketing messages, both internally and externally: Comprehensive Integrated Continuum Advanced Care Close Multi-disciplinary “These [words] are not distinguishing characteristics,” says Szablowski. “This is what people expect you to be. We need to find words and use words in ways that families understand what we’re doing. Put an experience around each of these words.” Being more descriptive in healthcare marketing can be a challenge because,...
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